About Us

Sovereign Charterers

Sovereign Charterers Ltd is a vessel chartering company based in the Mediterranean island of Malta.  Its purpose is to provide chartering services with or without crew to companies or governments operating in the following industries:

  • Oil & Gas (Energy)
  • Security (Fisheries patrol, Maritime Security & Maritime Evacuation, Logistics Support, Critical Infrastructure Protection)
  • Film Industry (Maritime Sets, Camera Boats)
  • Logistics Support (Crew changes, Vessel Resupply, Crew Accommodation)

In addition to these services, we offer a wide range of educational & training courses related to the maritime industry and oil and gas industry through partnership with internationally recognised classification agency RINA .

Operating from Malta offers a number of advantages; Malta is a safe, neutral EU member state on a major shipping route through the Mediterranean.  We are within easy reach of all Mediterranean ports and are just a few hours sailing from north African countries such as Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, and Egypt.